TSTV Features,Decode,Channel List & Price-All You Need To Know

TSTV Features,Decode,Channel List & Price-All You Need To Know

TSTV Features and Decoder Price-All You Need To Know-TSTV Frequency-TSTV Satellite-TSTV Price-TTV Channel List-Where To Buy TSTV 

Sometimes DSTV,GOTV and others can be frustrating,price and subscription can be scary,TSTV is a solution to your cable TV problems.

TSTV coming to existence in Nigeria really mean business has they have planned for a lot of things, we await the official launch in three days time which is Oct.1,2017.One of the impressive fact about Telecom Satellite TV [TSTV] is that you pay as you watch which implies you your ability to pause your subscription at anytime you want,it’s similar to the new PHC meter in Nigeria ,when there is no electricity your card doesn’t read.DSTV and others has ripped off Nigerians and its time for TSTV to take over.

Another thing about TSTV is that the decoder is HBB TV tech oriented which has 4.5G network and can be used as hotpot device,Dstv and has been banned from showing Caraboa Cup[Calin Cup],you can now watch your various league matched on TSTV be it Carabo Cup,EPL,La Liga,Budesliga and others.Another advantage of TSTV is that when you subscribe on the decoder you get 20GB worth of data which you can used for video calls and to access the internet,this incure no extra cost as it is only a bonus and it does not depend on you watching channels on the decoder.

TSTV Specifications and Features

  • Pay-As-You-Watch 
  • Pause or Play Function
  • Ability to save Videos [50GB Storage]
  • Plenty Channels[200]
  • Cheap Subscription

TsTV Subscribtion and Price

TSTV subscribtion and price are as follows;

  • TSTV Monthly Bonquet-N3,000 with 10GB Data
  • TSTV 2 Weeks Bouquet-N1,500 With 5GB Data
  • TSTV 10 Days Bonquet N1,000 with 3GB Data
  • TSTV Weekly Bouquet N750 with 2GB Data
  • TSTV 3 Days Bouquet N500 with 1GB Data
  • TSTV Daily Bouquet N200 with 500MB Data

TSTV Channel Lists

TSTV News Channel List
    1. BBC America
    2. CNBC
    3. Aljazeera
    4. BBC Radio 2
    5. TVC News
    6. United States of America Embassy
    7. Sky News
    8. Arewa24
    9. AIT
    10. Core TV News
    11. France 24
    12. CCTV News
    13. Channels TV
    14. Bloomberg Television
    15. DW
    16. Fox News
    17. TRT World
    18. Press TV
    19. NTA
    20. Arise News
    21. TV360 Nigeria

TSTV Sports Channel List

  1. Star Sports
  2. Fox Sports
  3. Euro Sports News
  4. Euro Sports 2
  5. Kwese Free Sports
  6. Kwese ESPN
  7. MS Extreme
  8. bein Sports MAX 4HD
  9. bein Sports 3HD
  10. bein Sports Global
  11. bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)
  12. TS Sports 4 HD
  13. TS Sports 2
  14. TS Sports 3
  15. Yolo Sports HD
TSTV Music Channel List
  1. Trace Urban/Africa
  2. HITS TV
  3. MTV Base
  4. TLC (HD)
  5. DSTV Versus TSTV
TSTV Movies Channel List
  1. Star Movies
  2. MBC Action
  3. MBC 2
  4. Star Movies
  5. African Magic
  6. Liberty TV
  7. MBC Bollywood
  8. Wazobia TV
  9. WAP TV
  10. Viasat Life
  11. Fine Living
  12. FOX
  13. FOX Life
  14. Investigation Discovery
  15. MBC 4
  16. Mbox HD
  17. PCTV
  18. Star Gold HD
  19. Nollywood TV
  20. Z Cinema
  21. E Entertainment
  22. BEN Bridging The Gap
  23. BET
  24. TS Novella
  25. TS Movies HD
  26. TS Series
TSTV Kiddies Channels
  1. Nickelodeon
  2. CN Cartoon Network
  3. Disney Channel
  4. Boing
  5. Jimjam
  6. Baby TV
  7. Panda Biggs

TSTV Religion Channels

  1. Dove Television
  2. Emmanuel TV
  3. Sunna Tv
  4. Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries
  5. EWTN
  6. TBN Network

TSTV African Channels

  1. Riwa Ndu TV
  2. TS Hausa
  3. TS Igbo
  4. TS Yoruba

Other TSTV Channels

  1. Discovery Channel
  2. Nat Geo Gold
  3. AD
  4. National Geography Channel
  5. Discovery Health TV
  6. Fashion One
  7. AHTV
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