Military Requiremnet For Recruit

Military Requiremnet For Recruit-The Boot Camp

Military Requiremnet For Recruit-The Boot Camp Training-Miliatary Recruitment Training-Navy Recruitment Training-Army Recruitment Training-Airforce Recruitment Training

It is always a great a great thing serving one’s country,if you are recruited you are on your way to boot camp and you should know what it entails has many people will be droped in the boot camp due to  binability to cope with the training so we suggest you should know somethings about the boot camp,the training and how to do it-pratice makes perfection.

The Nigeria Military has strigent rules when it comes to weight,body fat and health status.Any recruit who wants to make it througfh boot camp and ingantry excercise must be able to survive increasingly tough physical-fitness challenges.If you know anybody in military ask them how the hell is,so get the following right.

Physical Condition

The Nigeria military has rules when it comes to height,weight and body fat,you should see that when filling your application form ,there is a certain recuirement,tho it varies by age and gender,for example,the weight must be at least 117 pound and you must not weigh more than 155-161 pounds depending on age.If you have a 5-foot-9 inch ,you must weigh at least 128 pound but not more than 175-180 pound.For women joining the military body fat should not exceed 30-36.If you do not meet up with this and you are unable to perform well in the bootcamp thats automatic disqualification.

Health Condition

Your health condition is very importan,you must meet up with medical fitness as you will take medical fitness exam to spot health condition that could cause problem in the battle field,any recruit with gastroiintestinal ulcer,acute,dental problem-mising teeth(which could limit you to eating healthy food),bleeding disorder,hearing and poor night vission will also be disqualified.Vision must be at least 20/30 t0 20/40 in one eyes and in the other 20/70 t0 20/100 with or without corrective lenses.

Military Requiremnet For Recruit

The Boot Camp

Many people see the boot camp as hell,has it is where you will be trained,soldiers will yell at you-and this is the most down-hearting part if you dont meet up with the exercise you are going back home despite all the trial.So you should prepare your self well for the training.Generally, the basic training physical fitness test are in three folds.

  • Two minutes of push up
  • Two minutes of sit up
  • A timed two mile run

To complete boot camp,you must score atleast 50 points in each event for a total 150 points

  • Male Age 17-21=35 push ups,47 sit ups and a two miles run in not more than 16 minutes
  • Male Age 22-26=31 push ups,43 sit ups and two mile run in not  more than 17 minutes
  • Female Age 17-21=13 push ups,47 sit ups and two mile run in not more than 19 minutes
  • Female Age 22-26=11 push ups,43 sit ups and a two mile run in not more than 20 minutes.
Infanttry Level

For you graduate  you must pass through advanced infantry training,here you have to have the minimum score of 180 points before you can graduate with at least 60 points in each event.

  • Male Age 17-21=42 push ups,53 push ups and two mile run in not more than 18 minutes
  • Male Age 22-26=4o push ups,50 sit ups and a two mile run in not more than 16 munites
  • Feamale  must do 17 push ups,50 sit ups and two mile run  in not mpre than 19 minutes

This article is to help you prepare for the military,we wish you well and may you never be disqualified for any reason.All comments will be treated and replied here.Drop your comment below and share this post


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