How To Fix Android Camera Problem

How To Fix Android Camera Problem-Camera Error Solution

How To Fix Android Camera Problem-How Fix Camera Error-Cant Connect To Camera-Camera Cant Connect-Unable To Start Camera

Camera error is a major problem android users are experiencing this days,many people love camera and no matter how low you regard camera attributes their will still be  a day you’ll need it,if not to snap your self but to snap your work or even connect to the world.Today you’ll know How To Fix Android Camera Problem,Android users encounter this problem when ever they open their camera app and usually receive this error message”Can’t Connect To Camera,the problem is not you and we cant ascertain where the problem could be lying but its probably a software issue or the hardware it self.

How To Fix Android Camera Problem-Their is no particular solution as we are yet to discover where your camera error is coming from but we have come up with possible solutions which has help me on my tecno phone and many other people on their devices.Below are the following you should try;

How To Fix Android Camera Problem-Camera Solution

We will be grouping How To Fix Android Camera Problem into two steps which are;

Step1:This are further divided,see them below;

  • Restart Your Phone-There have been reports of users claiming they got their camera fixed at a restart,so restarting your phone is basic on How To Fix Android Camera Problem.
  • Boot Into Safe Mood-Android devices comes with a feature called safe mood,this will make available only the basic apps it is best for troubleshooting since downloaded apps will be disabled and you will be able to determine if the problem lies with the apps you downloaded or phone apps.
  • Uninstall Apps You Granted Camera Permission-We often give permission to apps and they could be the one hindering your camera,it could be Skype,messenger,Whatsapp or others.Try to get rid of them as a test and if your camera works you know where the problem is.
  • Download Camera Apps-Their are a lot of good camera apps that could really help you,this another tip on How To Fix Android Camera Problem.You can get those apps on play store,some of them are Camera 360,Candy Camera,Camera MX,Open Camera e.t.c.

Step2:This are also divide,see them below.How To Fix Android Camera Problem

  • Clear Cache Partition-This will clear temporary system data that may be outdated and serve as hindrances. To clear cache partition:Shutdown your device-Hold The Volume Down And Power Button To Start Phone.
  • Factory Reset-This can be of great help,when you restore to factory settings,your device comes out new,it wipes away every data and it will be just like the way you bought it but before you engage in  factory reset make your you backup your data to avoid losing important files.Factory setting can be done in two ways;
    (A)-Turn off your phone
    -Press and hold the power and volume down button together
    -Navigate to Factory/Factory Reset
    -Click The Power Button,it will reset
    (B)-Go to menu
    -Click Settings
    -Click Backup & Reset

    -Click Factory Reset

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