Etisalat-9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

Etisalat-9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

Etisalat-9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat-Cheat Code For Etisalat-Newest Etisalat Cheat-Cheat For Etisalat Data Bundle-Etisalat Cheat For Android.

Etisalat-9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat-Incase you miss the whole saga,the Nigeria telecommunication company know has etisalat has been changed to 9mobile,we are not here to discuss the change but to reveal the latest cheat to you and make you enjoy the world of internet.

The latest 9mobile cheat goes with unlimited browsing via a VPN called AnonyTun VPN app,it will only cost you 400 Naira to live with free internet using 9mobile for just two hours,this Etisalat-9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat will enable you to stream,watch live videos and download as much as you like,the internet speed is very high as 3MB/s,and the most impressive part is you do not have to be in any specific tariff plan to enjoy this unlimited browsing cheat,all you need is a working 9mobile sim card.

It is very important to use this cheat if you have many tasks,heavy downloads or Tv show to stream online because its only gonna last for two hours.There’s a youtube plan that allows you to stream videos on youtube for just 2hours,but we have come up with a plan to make you use this plan for other things via AnonyTun VPN.

What You Need For Etisalat-9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

  • An Android Phone Or Tablet
  • A working 9mobile Sim Card
  • AnpnyTun VPN
  • A Good Network Environment  

 How To Opt-In For Etisalat-9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

  • Put-on A Recharge Card Of #400 On your 9mobile Sim
  • Opt-in for Youtube 2hours Plan-To do this dial *200# and select the third option
  • You are successfully subscribed to the plan

How To Use  How To Opt-In For Etisalat-9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For Other Things

To browse othe things with the youtube sub,follow the listed below;

  • Launch the AnonyTun VPN app You downloaded
  • Tap VPN Config
  • Tap Next and Switch On The Turnel VPN
  • Protocolo:Select HTTP
  • Puerto:8081
  • Tap on PAYLOAD
  • Tap on Editar Payload
  • URL/
  • Request Metho:Post
  • Injector Method:Normal
  • Select Keep-Alive
  • User-Agent,dont select the remaining
  • Tap  on generate and save
  • Tap Connect And enjoy the internet.
    You are connected for just two hours,make it worth the #400 naira cost,you can watch a football match if you like.Kindly drop your comment below and share this post.
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