2017 Glo Cheats, Cheap Data Plan Bundles & Subscription Codes

2017 Glo Cheats, Cheap Data Plan Bundles   & Subscription Codes

Wao! we are back into it again,welcome to the 2017 Glo Cheats, Cheap Data Plan Bundles & Subscription Codes,as the motto goes GLO-rule your world infact you will be happy to rule your world with this cheap data plans ,this is what you and i have been waiting for and finally here it is.2017 Glo cheatsIs it not of great benefit when you get data worth 10Gb for a price of N2500,amazing right?what other Nigeria telecominication company does that?still thinking on how to opt-in for this low-cost and affordable data plans?have a glimpse on how to opt-in below.

Glo Daily Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes 2017

GLO 30MB for ₦50

Here you have it,we are no more in the era that you become joyful over 10-15MB at a price N100,not anymore in this period of Android where you have group messages on whatsapp,instagram photos & BBM.The data may not be sufficient when it comes to downloading large files but still it will meet up with the basic surfs.

The data is only available for 24hours,after that it’s gone,you wont be able to use it again if you are unable to exhaust it,expecially people with java or symian phones.

Glo 100MB for N100


Uhh! This will last a while when it comes to surfing but not really enough for  downloading task,but its moderate to surf websites for 24hours.Blackberry and Android users can tweak this plan to make it go a longer way for that day.

To subscribe for Glo 100MB For N100 Dial *127*51# Or SMS “51″ to 127

Glo N200 for 200MB


Very little thing distinguish it from the above,its a duplicate of the above data plan but just in advance which goes for a price of N200 and you will be granted 200MB to surf for 24hrs.

To subscribe for Glo 200MB for N200 Dial *127*56# or SMS “56” to 127.
That’s all for Glo Daily Data Plan, now scroll down for the weekly Plan.


Glo Weekly Data Plan Bundles and Activation Codes 2017

Big Week Plan: N500 For 1.6GB


Moderate ,cute and affordable,you love that right,1.6GB data is adequate to surf  the internet for a week,what an Awoof!It may not really be suitable for downloading large files but it still worth it.You can easily tell the N500 for 1.6GB is the best plan Glo Nigeria has so far for the weekly Bundle.

The Big Week plan is valid for 7 days and you will be charged N500 for subscribing to this plan.

To subscribe dial *127*57# or SMS “57” to 127.Now let us proceed to the monthly plan.

Glo Monthly Internet Bundle (Data Plans) 2017

There was an update on sepetember 28,2016 that Glo Nigeria increased their data plan to 1.6GB for N500 weekly,3.2GB for N1000 & 7.5GB for  N2000.Possibly this is what you have been waiting for,everyone wants that huge GB we can buy at a cheap or affordable price.Scroll down let’s see what the monthly plans entails,they are below

Always Micro Plan: 3.2GB for N1000.

The 3.2GB is just an extention of the weekly plan,but this goes a longer way lasting for a month,30 days no scare of its almost a week my data will soon exhaust,you can pick up your phone anytime and surf the internet.This plan is widely known,most people opt-in for this plan beside blacberry users that could easily get 3GBB for N1000.

You can subscribe to this plan by dialing  *127*53# or sending 53 to 127.

My Phone Plan: 7.5GB for N2000


Mere looking at the plan name its probably making you smile because it is the moderate plan for your phone,good for massive download and long lasting internet surf.

The plan will last for 30days,a month and the joy is it that if you did not exhaust the data before the validatory time it will add up when you make the next subscribtion.The plan has no exclusion of Android,Blackberrys,Java & symian phones as well as iphones.

To opt in for Glo My Phone Plan Dial *127*55# or SMS “55” to 127

So Special Plan: 10GB for N2000


This is indeed a special plan,wao!10GB cheap and huge ,just for N2,500.You are bigger than that,probably your love ones is expecting your snapchat video just leave the price and opt-in for the data

To opt in for Glo So Special Data Plan Dial *127*58# or SMS “58” to 127

Always Macro Plan: 12GB for N3000.


The more the data the more the task you’ll like to handle,sometimes when you check your internet speed meter you be like have used 600MB today,there are people like that,you’ve got to stream live videos and download.Are you a data reseller?you can also opt-in for this.The plan has a validity period of 30day,a month and it works with all kinds of device,just get the configuration settings right.

To opt in for Glo Always Macro Plan Dial *127*54# or SMS “54” to 127.

₦4,000 Data Plan: 18GB for ₦4,000


Easy and direct,18GB data,the right plan for bussiness center,cyber cafe and cooperate website.Football fans you dont need to go to viewing station,life is easy just watch the video live on your device if your area have strong glo service.The data plan goes for just N4000.

To opt in for this plan Dial *127*59# or SMS “59” to 127.

This is it for 2017 glo cheats,cheap data bundle & subscribtion code,dont break the chain stay updated by subscribing below to our newsleteer to get more on the latest cheats.Before leaving,kindly hit the share button to share on socia media


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